About Saada

Saada is a health insurance program for the citizens in the Emirate of Dubai, under the supervision of the Dubai Health Authority and aiming to provide insurance coverage for citizens who do not currently benefit from any government health program in the Emirate of Dubai.

The program provides treatment of the finest and best services through a large network of health care providers in the private sector in addition to the services they currently receive through the DHA healthcare centers.

The Saada program has adopted the use of the Emirate ID card instead of the conventional insurance card for citizens to register and take advantage of all the benefits of the program.

Dubai Health Authority

The SAADA health program is under the supervision of the Dubai Health Authority ensuring the efficient achievement of the goals set as well as the sustainability of the program.

About Neuron

One of the largest TPAs in the GCC, Neuron provides an array of healthcare administration services to insurance companies, and government entities on self-funded basis, by organizing efficient and affordable access for its 600,000 members, to over 1 million contracted healthcare providers across the globe.

Neuron offers integrated claims adjudication, pharmacy benefits management, and holistic corporate wellness services aimed at keeping medical costs down, whilst providing convenient access to members residing in the GCC.

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